Studio Policy


Lessons include music theory and ear-training, along with practical piano skills and techniques. Students should be punctual and prepared for each lesson and bring all required materials. Editions of scores must be instructor approved. Lessons may be cut short if those requirements are not met.


Cancelled lessons will not be refunded or credited to the next month or term.

Monthly Payers
cancelled lesson may be rescheduled each month. The make-up lesson must be scheduled in the same month, as per instructor’s availability.

Term Payers
cancelled lessons in Fall and Spring term and two cancelled lessons in winter term may be rescheduled. Make-up lessons can be scheduled any time during the same term.

Please give at least 3 days’ notice for conflicting activities if students wish to have a make-up lesson. Instructors are not obligated to give make-up lessons if their schedules do not permit. 

For emergencies or sudden illnesses, please notify your instructor as soon as possible. The earlier the notice, the more likely a make-up lesson will be scheduled.

Students requiring travel may be asked to come to the studio for their make-up lessons.


An extended absence may be requested, with at least a month’s notice, if a family vacation of more than two weeks is planned outside of the studio winter break.

Monthly Payers
If students need more than one absence in a month, they may request an extended absence to avoid the cost of missed lessons. However, this will free up their lesson time for other students since the tuition reserves their lesson time. Thus, they will need to reschedule their lesson time when they return.

If students would like to keep their lesson time, please reserve it by paying half the lesson fee for the length of the absence.

Term Payers
Students may use the number of allowed cancelled lessons for that term wisely to create their own extended absences. The earlier the notice, the more allowance for make-up lessons.


We hold a studio recital at least once a year. Participation is not mandatory, but students are highly encouraged to perform and attend. Other performance opportunities include music festivals and competitions.


We are very careful with the treatment of musical exams such as the Royal Conservatory of Music. Only students who are highly motivated with a specific purpose will be approved to take them.


If a student/parent decides to withdraw from lessons, please give at least a month’s notice. In the case of immediate withdrawal, the month’s fees will not be refunded. For students paying by term, the refund will be prorated. Cancelled lessons which have not been made up upon termination will not be included in the refund.

The instructor also reserves the right to discontinue lessons should any issues arise, and will give a month’s notice as well.