Studio Winter Party 2017

A great big thank you to all the students and their families who joined us for our third annual Studio Winter Party! And congratulations to all the students who performed and shared their music with us. Every year, we feel more and more proud at the progress and level of excellence that our students aim for. One of the reasons we started organizing the Winter Party was to provide a more casual environment for students to perform in. A lot of times, performance opportunities come with a lot of stress, especially when it’s for festivals or competitions or piano exams. So we wanted to give students a performance opportunity that had a very supportive atmosphere, with just family and studio mates.

Which brings us to one of the other reasons we started the Winter Party – getting to know each other! Learning and playing the piano is quite a solitary activity and can be quite lonely. However, when students connect with each other, they can encourage each other, be inspired by each other, and be motivated by a little friendly competition!

We had hoped in the previous gatherings that students would mingle naturally and become friends, but it seemed like everyone needed a little push. So this year, we went all out with preparing ice breakers, games and prizes for everyone to participate in and we feel it was a great success! There was lots of laughter and excitement as students introduced themselves to each other and worked together to complete tasks. That, along with the wonderful performances and amazing food that each family brought made it a great party. Looking forward to the next one already!