Happy Visit

As Naoki and I have both been privileged to study piano with many different teachers in our lives, we realize that not only are we learning how to play the piano, but also about how to develop relationships in a meaningful way. We often visit our teachers when we go back to our hometown or cities where we have studied. As a matter of fact, we took a short overnight trip to Victoria recently to hear one of Naoki’s teachers perform with the Victoria Symphony.

However, we have yet to experience one of our former students visiting.

Well, today we had a lovely lunch with Ashley! She is one of our special students because she had the chance to study with both of us. She took a long break while she was younger from piano and picked it up again in high school, first studying with me, then later with Naoki. She was always a motivated student and we both enjoyed teaching her. She had an avid curiosity about the mechanism of piano techniques and brimmed with questions. Even though she was kept busy in her senior year of high school, she continued taking lessons, working really hard to conquer the challenging Liszt piece, Un sospiro, for her last recital with us. We were both so proud of her and wished she could keep playing the piano, but she is currently enjoying her post secondary studies at the University of Toronto. With her willing attitude and penchant for hard work, we’re pretty sure she’ll achieve her goals, whatever they are.

Ashley and Melody

Ashley and Melody

Good luck to you, Ashley! And we hope to see you again soon!

— Melody