Looking back at our Spring Recital 2016

We were a little slow with updating our event news about the Spring Recital, but here are some pictures! With our studio expanding every year, each recital has been different but we think that’s part of the fun.

This year, we found another great church in our neighborhood, but we didn’t know what to expect until the day of the recital. The recital day was very sunny which caused the church to be steaming hot with no AC inside. However, the staging was so beautiful and the piano was great. We just wish we could have given a rehearsal time for students like previous years. Regardless of having no rehearsal, everyone played very well and we thank all the family members and friends who provided a supportive audience!


Andrew after performance


Krista after performance

First Group

Group Picture after the first half


Alex post performance

Group Two

Pre-performance of Group Two

Group Two

Group picture with Group TWO


Our young composer